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Step into the Franz Dopf Gallery, a place named after an extraordinary individual who exemplifies the very essence of our artistic vision. Franz Dopf, a pioneering figure, serves as our constant inspiration, and we are dedicated to upholding his values and achievements. We invite you to join us in paying tribute to Franz's enduring legacy as we strive to introduce an array of fresh and diverse art forms to the city of Calgary and abroad.

“A Picture Is a Poem without Words”

Client Focused

Come visit our gallery in Calgary, AB. Ideally-located in the heart of Kensington, you’ll discover beautiful artwork from all of our artists, hanging harmoniously in our light bright space. Our collections are colorful, approachable, and livable — mirroring our overall philosophy that original art should neither be distancing nor intimidating but made available to inspire us all.

We are fortunate to spend our days surrounded by the work of artists we genuinely adore, and we find joy in connecting collectors to paintings they will cherish. We hope to spark the delight of discovery in each guest that walks through our doors.

Combining art and design

We take great pleasure in collaborating with designers! Think of us as your trusted in-house art consultants. Whether you’re purchasing artwork from nearby or afar, our goal is to make the selection process seamless, guiding you from design concept to delivery. If you have the opportunity to visit our gallery in person, we warmly invite you to make yourself at home. Feel free to spread out your samples and explore our collection to find the perfect original art for your project.

For those working remotely, distance is not a barrier. Our experienced team is proficient in Photoshop and can skillfully integrate artwork options into images of your client’s space, allowing for effortless visualization.

Additionally, we are delighted to provide artwork loans for showhomes or photoshoots, ensuring your projects have access to the perfect artistic touches they require.

attainable art

The accessibility of the art industry has been revolutionized by E-commerce. Our gallery offers an online platform for fine art, complete with transparent pricing. This openness not only enlightens art collectors but also encourages a deeper understanding of the value associated with each piece. Our artists carefully determine their price points to make their artwork attainable while still reflecting the inherent quality of fine art. Our primary goal is to cultivate an appreciation for the awe-inspiring beauty and worth of these artworks.

Curated Art

Every collection showcased in our gallery is meticulously chosen by our team and thoughtfully curated. Our artists and creators are dedicated to using only the finest materials and take immense pride in the process of crafting each piece. The end result is a harmonious collection of paintings that boasts exceptional quality, intended to be displayed together and cherished for generations to come.

Gallery Space

Franz Dopf Gallery is a 1500 square foot space with high ceilings.  The gallery is open after hours for art classes as well as some wellness classes such as yoga and sound healing.  Being surrounded by fine art is truly inspiring when attending any of these classes.  Additionally the gallery space can be rented for events hosting up to 60 people.

Tony Dopf

Patricia Wegerhoff

The owners

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