Gordon Galenza

Gordon Galenza

I am a self-taught artist, craftsman and designer. I have no conferred status attached to my name designating my limitations which is probably why my art is of an eclectic nature. Over the past 60 years I have done one-off commissions and speculative exhibition pieces. Studio furniture, fine boxes, mixed media art, sculptural constructions, architectural models, graphics, painting and digital art make up the majority of my efforts to date.

My passion for colour and love of geometry is a paramount feature in new work I will be presenting, some of which has a surrealistic angst to it and of course the humour.

As one who spends his days in an ongoing quest for creative expression in whatever medium that interests me I find solace in a simple mantra I’ve written that offers balance and peace in my daily life and work.

The skillful hand,

the creative mind,

art and craft,

as one entwined.

My work has been documented and shown in Canada and the United States and resides in private collections in both countries.

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