Harry Coit

Harry Coit

In the heartbeat of daily urban life, Harry finds inspiration weaving through the city’s architecture and beauty. Every street, every building tells a story, and it’s this narrative he aims to capture in his art.

His process is a daily exploration – traversing the city, seeking subjects that resonate, known landmarks with a deeper meaning for others. With camera in hand, he freezes moments, allowing them to guide his sketching and painting.

As he translates his visions onto canvas, Harry immerses himself in the creation process, much like a contractor watches a building take form. Each stroke breathes life into the structure, bringing forth the essence of the city’s pulse.

Drawing from the profound influence of artists like Robert Bateman and Ken Huxley, Harry has built a connection with their works, owning several pieces that serve as constant companions in his artistic journey. Their cues guide him as he strives to immortalize the urban landscape, one meaningful piece at a time.

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