Jewelry Workshops Sacred Ceremony




6 pm – 8 pm


Crystal Pendant

Supplies included

Jewelry Workshops Sacred Ceremony-Meet Your Guide

Light Worker and Goldsmith, Trisha Neville.

Discover the Art of Creating Beautiful Jewelry! Unleash your Creativity with Expert Guidance from Light Worker and Goldsmith, Trisha Neville.

“Join me for a hands-on jewelry, making experience learn as a group or one on one….

We aren’t just making pendants. We are activating stones, to harness their vibrational frequency. Connecting with mother Earth, and letting our intention be known to the universe! All in a sacred ceremony.” – Trisha 

In this Sacred Ceremony Workshop You Will Learn : 

How to feel Vibrational Frequency hand Chakra Activation

How  Crystals can Empower You

How to Connect and Communicate to the Crystal

How to wrap the selected Crystal with Silver Wire – This is for everyone, bring your reading glasses to see clearly please. 

How to Energetically Clear Energy off Crystals Returning them to their Natural State. 

Activating the Crystal Pendant with the final Intention setting and Blessing Smudge. 


Workshop Outline:

Opening Grounding Meditation to Connect with Gaia Earth Energy

Bay Leaf Burning and Intention Setting Ceremony 

Crystal Selection and Mineral Qualities, Spiritual Meaning, and Uses. 

Wire Wrap Crystal 

Angel Oracle Card Pull

Final Intention Setting, Connection with the Crystal. Followed by a Palo Santo Smudge to Finish the Night! 

Look forward to Working with You 

Bring your Glasses (lol) 

All tools, Silver Wire & Gemstones Included.

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