Liba Labik

Liba Labik

I am a Calgary based artist, who grew up in the beautifully forested rural area in the Czech Republic, surrounded by endless nature. Living in a deep connection with nature significantly influenced my artwork and my choice of career as an environmentalist. I created art aside from my studies in Prague and also while working for the National Park Podyji in Znojmo, South Moravia. I arrived in Canada in 1993. I graduated from ACAD in Calgary in 2002 with BFA degree (Painting Department). After my graduation I opened and established LIBA (Life Is the Best Artist) Art Studio. I have been making a living as a freelance artist since then.

My work is ultimately about expressing a connection through spirituality, humanity, and nature. It combines representation and abstraction. I experiment with a variety of mediums and traditional painting techniques, blended, and fused with contemporary ones, to create “collages” of paintings.


The works that I have submitted to the “Roots” exhibition, are inspired by my grandmother’s life and the forest. My grandmother lived a very modest and simple life as a hardworking village woman. She encouraged me as a young girl to listen to the trees, rivers, flowers, birds and to look for hidden treasures in nature and in our inner world. She rooted me in herself, in the forest and its invisible world. It was her who started to nourish my roots. Every tree, every creature in this world has its own roots that can anchor through time. To enjoy blossoms, roots must stay strong and healthy. Let’s focus on nourishing roots.

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