Luiza Galenza

Luiza Galenza

I was raised in a family of writers and painters, therefore, these disciplines come naturally to me. Writing coloured my world with words; evoking hues, tastes, smells and textures in the mind of the reader. I began my journey into drawing eight years ago, quickly progressing into ink work and later added water colour washes. Ink hatching expresses an unique depth in the work, with relation to light and shadow. This medium stands out as an art form on it’s own. I later experimented with water colour washes whose subtle effect married beautifully with the ink work. This coupling allows me to express my view of the natural world as I see it; through the lens of sensitivity.

Nature, is the dominant element in my work, allowing me to express it’s unparalled beauty in it’s various forms. I am also drawn to portray time honoured structures, which appear to root from the soil, beautiful in their dilapidated states, undaunted, whispering of lives and times gone by.

My works attempts to pay homage to our Sacred Host Mother Earth, and to honour her for her unstinting faithfulness. May you, the viewer feel a sense of connection to our natural world, and to each other.

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