Nicole Geoffrion

Nicole Geoffrion

Colour is the main subject of my paintings. It dominates my artistic expression. Through my creations, I like to put my own colours on a reality to create an imaginary world of my own. Whatever the subjects represented, real or fantastical, I seek to challenge the viewer to discover what they don’t suspect and taking them into an imaginary world.

My artistic passion began at a very young age, with the allure of colour in all its creative forms. With the desire to create, over time, I have defined my preferences and priorities. My primary intention is to awaken the child in each of us, to make people smile and by letting this playful side of me express itself, I reconnect with what has always been at the root of my deepest needs. With my training as a graphic artist which greatly influence the lines, shapes and spatial composition that emerge within my paintings, I proceed spontaneously and instinctively, leading me to discover my subject and its environment through the shapes that gradually appear on a newly coloured surface. I explore what wants to be expressed by modelling the interplay of colours and their vibrations, reinforced by the subjects thus revealed.

Whatever my method, it brings me joy to see the viewer’s sudden discovery of all that is hidden in the canvas.

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