As a seasoned glass artisan, Ted meticulously crafts his pieces, prioritizing both intricacy and customer contentment. He meticulously selects glass and hues to capture the essence of reality, drawing inspiration from his extensive time amid breathtaking mountains. Ted carefully considers the coloration and texture of the glass, and he’s begun integrating natural elements like wood and stone, broadening his repertoire from flat glassworks to three-dimensional sculptures.


“I personally design all my pieces from the beginning with a design that fulfills my artistic expression and my clients’ preferences. After the design/draft is complete, I begin the glass selection process. With a mixture of stock glass and timeless handblown glass, the pieces of art have begun. I hand cut, foil, and solder each of my pieces. For a hanging piece, a wood frame is often added as a finishing touch. The wood used as bases on some of my sculptures is stained and varnished to give it a finished look. The combination of wood, rock, and glass has provided me with a fun medium to express my love of nature through art.” – artist Ted Schneider

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