come bathe in

Sacred Sound Healing Vibrations

"I have always felt that Sound is so Healing, a nourishment of the Soul on such a deep level"


Awaken your heart to a beautiful
evening of Sacred Sounds.
Allow yourself to surrender to these
purely magical vibrations that vibrate
at a cellular level and sing melodies
to your heart.
Soak in the calm…
Surrender in the ocean of peace
within YOU…
Where healing takes place….
Where possibilities are endless…

Pure Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls

The Singing Bowls

Energy that vibrates from these
Pure Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls
is of the highest quality and are infused
with the finest gemstones, making
them incredibly resonant and emit
vibrant life force energy.

Peace, love and harmony

Soft Solfeggio Frequencies sing in the
distance, cradling your journey to an
even greater depth. Affirmations
whispered that will guide you on the
journey of YOUR intention.
May we journey together in this safe
space and awaken what lies within us.
May we surrender to our heart’s true
nature of Peace, Love and Harmony.
There is so much magnificence in the
ocean that lies within each of us….
May the waves of sound bless YOU on
this magical evening.

The Benefits of sound baths

Most people testify they feel deeply relaxed and peaceful after a sound bath. Stress and anxieties are known to melt away and energy that was stuck, now cleared.

Some are known to have visualizations, emotional breakthroughs and much more. As these Sound vibrations penetrate deep into body tissues, they can also help to improve circulation, regenerate and repair. 

Ultimately, Sound Healing supports us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, leaving us balanced and uplifted.


Hello… my name is Marni-Lee. I have a very deep passion for supporting others on their journey to Health and Vitality. It warms my heart to come together to help awaken these treasures that we all have within us, and to realize we ALL have the innate ability to heal ourselves with the gentle guidance from each other.

With each person that walks in the door, I learn so much and feel so Blessed. There is something said about being able to move mountains TOGETHER.

I have always felt that Sound is so Healing, a nourishment of the Soul on such a deep level. My heart has taken me on so many journeys of healing where I have studied and practiced so many Natural Healing Modalities that have felt true to my Heart.

Nature is one the most magical places for healing, where its vibrations sing to us from the Heavens…. from the birds, to the trees, the whisper of the wind…. to Mother Earth’s grounding vibrations that cradle us as we walk.

I have been on a spiritual journey for as long as I can remember, devoting many hours to studying and practicing meditation around the world and bringing it to my daily life with
Devotion and Surrender. I am always wanting to be a Pure Channel for the Divine, with Devotion and Love. That is what I pray for from my Heart. I hope your time here is everything that YOU expected and More.

In Love, Light and Gratitude,


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